What You Should Do Now

As you read this booklet, you may realize what an immense responsibility planning a funeral can be. You can begin preparing for yourself today to ensure your family experiences a smoother transition during a stressful time.

Life Insurance Protection
Your insurance agent can advise you about available types of coverage and recommend what coverage your family will need. Keep your policies in a safe place, but not in your safety deposit box, which will be sealed for a time following your death. Notify your beneficiaries about your insurance and the location of the policy certificates.

Plan to accommodate your family's long- and short-term needs. A dilemma facing many families is that the entire estate, including joint bank accounts and other funds, may be inaccessible for a while. Prepare to meet ordinary daily expenses until the insurance is paid or the estate is settled by establishing a special fund for this adjustment period. Consult your banker or attorney for professional advice.

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Your Will
If you want to ensure the desired administration of your affairs after death, a properly prepared will is essential. Without a will, your property and holdings will be distributed according to law, and the court will appoint an administrator to dispose of your estate. A will reflecting your specific wishes will be reassuring to you and your family. A properly prepared will enables you to:

  • select your own executor;
  • remember and provide for members of your family and other loved ones;
  • make bequests to charities, schools, your church or synagogue, and other organizations;
  • possibly reduce estate taxes;
  • examine the benefits of a trust fund and establish one if you desire;
  • specify organ donation;
  • ensure all instructions are executed as you specify.
If you do not already have a will, contact an attorney to have one prepared. If you do have one, review it periodically to confirm it still expresses your wishes.

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