Preplanning Your Funeral

Thoughtful preparation can offer peace of mind to both the plan-maker and those left behind.

Preplanning also allows you to make unhurried, informed decisions. Preplanning compels you to organize important documents your survivors will need later. You can choose a reasonable budget and save systematically to ease the financial burden on your family.

When preplanning, consider any religious practices that your faith expects. Also be especially considerate of surviving family members by not overplanning. Instead, offer general suggestions that can be adapted or adjusted to make the funeral more meaningful to the participants. Refrain from impractical requests.

Your funeral director can discuss the available pre-funeral plans and help you select the appropriate one. If possible, discuss your intentions with your family so they understand and respect them at death.

Grief is universal.
At the same time it is extremely personal.
Earl A. Grollman